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Stuffed bears make the perfect holder for your buttons. They range from 5" to 14" and cost $10 for a small, $12.50 for a medium and $15 for a large size. 


Buttons N Bears Oh My! is a Davis, CA locally owned and operated business specializing in buttons, magnet backed buttons, and teddy bears. Founders Jackson Murtha and Anna Hoban are life-long friends started this business in 2011, unwilling to let their physical challenges get in the way of fulfilling their dreams. They continue to create high quality products and have fun doing it.

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Q & A with Jackson Murtha

Q: What made you go into graphic design?
A: I started doing graphic design because I can take a normal picture and change it to make people laugh, like this!

Q: What's your favorite part about your job?
A: My favorite part of my job is using Photoshop to create mythical creatures that wouldn't exist otherwise.

Q: When did you start using Photoshop?
A: I started using Photoshop before I started my business by experimenting at home with a copy my uncle bought me. I spent many many many hours teaching myselft how to use it!

Q: What are the goals for the future of the business?
A: I would like to continue to develop my graphic design skills.

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Anna Hoban is the other half of Buttons N' Bears Oh My! Anna runs the button / magnet production aspect of Buttons and Bears. Both the button and magnet machines have been adapted so that Anna can turn Jackson's designs into a custom made button or magnet. Anna combines her interest in tools and creating things to bring quality, handmade products to each customer.



105 E Street, Ste 2F

Davis, CA 95616

(530) 302-5484

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