Stuffed bears make the perfect holder for your buttons. They range from 5" to 14" and cost $10 for a small , $12.50 for a medium and $15 for a large size. 



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Anna Hoban is the other half of Buttons N' Bears Oh My! Anna runs the button / magnet production aspect of Buttons and Bears. Both the button and magnet machines have been adapted so that Anna can turn Jackson's designs into a custom made button or magnet. Anna combines her interest in tools and creating things to bring quality, handmade products to each customer.

Q & A with Jackson Murtha

Q: What made you go into graphic design?

A: I started doing graphic design because I can take a normal picture and change it to make people laugh, like this!

Q: What's your favorite part about your job?

A: My favorite part of my job is using Photoshop to create mythical creatures that wouldn't exist otherwise.

Q: When did you start using Photoshop?

A: I started using Photoshop before I started my business by experimenting at home with a copy my uncle bought me. I spent many many many hours teaching myselft how to use it!

Q: What are the goals for the future of the business?

A: I would like to continue to develop my graphic design skills.


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